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If you have a pedigree on your website, 
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This website is STRICTLY for Cocker Spaniels and associated merchandise
Please, no cocker mixes (cockapoos, etc) or other breeds..they WILL be removed

This is for Adults cockers 1 year of age and older.
This can be pets or breeding stock
Please specify in your ad if you can

Puppies under 1 year of age, pets or potential breeding stock. Please specify in your ad if you can

This is for any age cocker. Champions, pointed, or prospects.
PLEASE only list true prospects and not just cute cockers:-)
We also encourage that you list any health testing 
Only showable allowed colors & patterns ( including sable for Canada)
Largely mismarked dogs, unallowable colors or patterns will be removed from this category.

Any age cocker,dog or puppy designated for pet homes only on spay/neuter &/or limited registration. ONLY
No breeding dogs in this category.
If your dog is special needs, ex kennel dog etc, please list any training needed or any quirks.

Anything show related such as shears, blades, clippers, grooming products, snoods, leads, tables, dryers, crates. floors, 3x3s, EZy Legs, etc. Can be new or used. Please specify this in your ad.

Old show catalogs, ribbons, trophies, collectables, figurines,etc.

Cocker books, cocker magazines (new or old), Pedigree Programs,Genetic books on dogs, breeding or whelping books on dogs. Can be new or used. Please specify this in your ad.

Home made collars, quilts, totebags, clothing, artwork, etc.

Cockers at stud at public or private treaty.
This also includes frozen semen.

CH or Pointed Dogs:
Finished Champions or dogs who are pointed toward their championship for sale. Be specific in your description.

Handlers and Groomers specializing in Cockers may list their services here

Terms Of Service

This website was created because of a need that the Cocker Fancy has had for a number of years to find a place to list their cockers,  puppies, supplies and misc.
There are several pets for sale sites, but none just for a single breed.
We want to present a site who is public friendly and one where the public as well as other fanciers can buy or sell quality bred cockers and merchandise associated with them.

This website and it's services are free to use, but it does cost us, and donations are greatly appreciated for the costs associated with having this for the fancy.
Please consider this if you are placing ads or a buyer who has gotten good results from this site:-)

Breeder & Buyer be aware that any transactions resulting from these ads are between the buyer and seller, and that the site owner
& administrator are not involved or responsible in any way.
Please screen buyers and sellers.

We will do all we can to screen for potential scammers, and they will be removed as soon as possible, but it's still up to each individual to do their own screening.

We will do all we can to ensure the website is up at all times, but are not responsible for outages or lost ads.

For full Website terms, disclaimer and privacy, click here


No spam ads
No mixed breeds
No other breed but Cockers or related merchandise
No rude postings in your ads
No derogatory ads 
NO AR postings

No advertisers for Branded products
If you wish to advertise your branded product,
there is a cost associated with these type of ads;
Please contact Connie before placing the ad, or it will be removed..